Mum worries about her bullied son

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Julie came to us as her son Nathan was being bullied at school.  Over time she had noticed that his behaviour was changing, instead of being outgoing and loving school he was more reclusive at home and did not want to go to school.

After talking with him she found out that he was being bullied at school by a boy in his class.  The school seemed to not be able to resolve the matter.

As a last result Julie decided that her son should learn to defend himself.

We have come across this numerous times with children before and so had a solution to hand.

We focused on teaching Nathan how to:

look more confident by working on his posture

project his voice in a confident way

simple techniques that he could use if grabbed

to deal with failure

build intent in his actions

Nathan was able to build up his confidence by making the techniques simple but effective, the stances meant he was able to not look like an easy target allowing him to stand up to the boy who was bullying, these things meant he did not need to resort to violence but the other boy was able to feel his intent.

Nathans mum said to us after 2 months that his confidence had returned and “it was like getting her son back”.

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