I want to slap you and kiss you all at the same time LOL.

Slap because where was you around 19 years ago when I could have done with reading your Little book of Managing Depression Anxiety and Stress and kiss you because you have just given me my bible of life!!

That book – the way you have rewrote it is actually amazing Relating to it was so easy…

This is the type of book that needs to be given in the confidence course and when women have reported it (being assaulted). But most importantly children or young people to prevent this happening to them Just reading it made me feel less stressed and like I wasn’t alone with how I felt… amazing !!

I tell you what, I suffered 12 long weeks with 12 women and a “teacher” “mentor” trying to teach us where we could of gone wrong and how to become less stressed and more confident blah blah and yes I picked up a few bits but by far hands down (honestly) I would have exchanged those weeks just to have read your book.



I highly recommend Mountain Warriors, I started when I was very young, I enjoyed myself so much I gained a passion for Martial Arts and they have continued to support me.



Fantastic!! In 4 weeks I have been having lessons with Richard, I’ve learnt a lot and my confidence has grown loads.  I feel better in myself and cannot wait for the next lesson….

If I could go more often I would!!!

No pressure to perform but learn at your own pace…

Wouldn’t go anywhere else!! x



Great Martial Arts centre with excellent teacher.



I’ve been to a lot of different clubs and met a great many instructors, and in all my own experiences, I have never seen as much support to students and parents alike as I have under Richards guidance. The club caters for a variety of needs with many different styles being taught, so there really is something for everyone. 5 stars seems too modest to encapsulate all that benefits the members, but it is as high as these ratings will allow, so 5 stars and a huge thank you to all who make this club possible



After a very difficult start at senior school, my sons confidence was rock bottom until we found Richard on Facebook, 6 months on and his confidence is back, all his grades have gone back up but most importantly he is smiling again and enjoying himself. Richard not only helps the child/children but the parent/s too. Thank you so much xx



Tried out the kickboxing class on Monday. Got stuck right in and I got over my nerves quite quickly, felt like a bit of an idiot but the 2 ladies I was working with were lovely and I felt my muscles being worked which was the entire aim of starting so we’ll definitely be joining!



The karate classes have really helped my son and daughter to gain confidence and self defence skills. My son is particularly keen and attends as many classes as he can. Richard has been extremely encouraging and helpful. I can thoroughly recommend this club.



Mountain Warriors is unlike any other club; it’s a whole, vibrant little world and community in its own right. It offers access to a rich store of martial arts knowledge and range of training experience – and opportunities for personal development – that you will NOT find in other places.



Hi Richard

Sam is still absolutely loving the classes. Thank you so much for checking it was still working out. I think the coach is great and Sam really respects him ?