Kickboxing Demo – video by former student Charlie Neale – now 4th dan Shotokan Karate; 2nd Dan Freestyle Karate Jutsu; 1st Dan Zenshin Goju Karate; 1st Dan Aikijujutsu; 2nd Dan Taekwondo (ITF); 2nd Dan Freestyle Kickboxing

ReNew Holistic Therapies – “Where beauty begins by healing the soul . . . For many years I have been researching ways that would allow our bodies to thrive and all of the time the answer would be Natural Remedies and Ancient Wisdom. Our bodies are magnificent and have the capability of healing themselves providing we nurture them. Beauty, health, longevity, they all begin from the inside . . .”

Unlimited Paintball – “A team made up of people with disabilities and/or a range of medical issues – from Heart Murmurs, to Prosthetic limbs or wheelchair users. Our aims as a team are to showcase that people with Disabilities can Play, and have fun. On a competitive level we’re working to even the playing fields between able bodied and not so able bodied thus creating an equal chance for either side to win . . . !”