Adults (14+)

Whether you are an experienced martial artist, or a complete beginner, Mountain Warriors will offer the right class(es) for your needs.

Most of our classes are semi or full contact and involve varying levels of striking, locking, throwing and being thrown. If you are unable to train at this level for health or fitness reasons, we would recommend Tai Chi, which is a slow and gentle non-contact martial art, renowned for its relaxing and healing properties. Otherwise, you are very welcome to come and watch or join any class, to see if it looks and feels right for you. Some of the benefits you will get from classes include:

  • Improved weight loss, health and fitness
  • Improved confidence
  • Encouragement to believe in yourself
  • Improving self-discipline, perseverance, and behaviour
  • Team work and conflict resolution skills
  • Setting and achieving goals and objectives
  • How to manage stress and conflicting demands effectively

Sensei means “One who has gone before” and we believe that we should share our knowledge to improve your life; our senior instructors have all used these skills to improve their own life both at work and at home. Our instructors therefore also often act as informal mentors and life coaches to students.

If you are a more experienced martial artist, we hold a small number of invitation-only study groups, classes and events to enable you to gain a more in depth knowledge of the arts. These events are open to students and instructors from other schools not only Mountain Warriors – please feel free ask about these if you are interested, as not all events are listed on our training schedule. At Mountain Warriors, we also place a very strong emphasis on developing future leaders; again please let us know if you are interested in following this route.

If you wish to discuss your training needs, feedback or concerns, either before or after you start training, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Black belts just want to have fun …