9 reasons to cut sugar intake

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What Sugar does to you

I often get questions from students about diet and nutrition, one of the key things I tell students to cut out or reduce is sugar, and here’s why…

  1. If you stop taking sugar your face will change, where your face may be a bit puffy, stop taking sugar and your face will start to thin out and you will gain more definition to it. 
  2. You will start to lose fat from your mid-section, this is because your body is fuelled from fat or sugars and your body given the choice, prefers to burn energy from sugar before it burns fat.  Stop taking sugar and your body will start burning of the fat around your mid-section.
  3. Your vision should improve, you will have less blurring of your vision.
  4. Your Kidneys will improve as these get hammered when you eat too much sugar, your kidneys work as filters and so are working flat out when you are eating too much sugar.
  5. You will have less inflammation of the arteries and so your cholesterol values will improve dramatically, and you should have lower blood pressure.
  6. Your cognitive functions will improve so your memory will improve, and you will be able to focus better, and your concentration will be much better, not only this but you will feel much happier.
  7. You will also need to go to the toilet to pee less through the night, this is because your kidneys are not trying to filter the sugar, which would normally trigger more urination, especially at night.  The side effect being better sleep at night.
  8. You will not feel so hungry, this is because your body is craving the sugar and not the food, by cutting back the sugar you will eat less frequently.
  9. Your skin will also improve, skin conditions such as red rashes, acne and dermatitis should reduce or disappear.

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