Message to Tai Chi class members

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A quick message to Thursday’s Tai Chi class members: As promised for your reference, I’ve posted the first section of the form we are currently practising, in the Library section of the club website. Here’s the link: If anything … Continued

Shihan Philip Morgan (Part Two)

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Just a few days before Shihan Morgan’s untimely death, we decided to write his name in kanji. We came up with the following, which just felt absolutely perfect for Phil: MORGAN: 猛玩 Here’s what the individual kanji mean: Mō: 猛 = become … Continued

Japanese martial arts vocabulary

For lists of the various stances; strikes and punches; kicks; other attacks; and defences, please refer to the syllabus for your own martial art, available for Mountain Warriors students at: The Japanese kanji are included below (in purple), for … Continued