Shihan Philip Morgan (Part Two)

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Just a few days before Shihan Morgan’s untimely death, we decided to write his name in kanji.
We came up with the following, which just felt absolutely perfect for Phil:


Here’s what the individual kanji mean:

Mō: 猛 = become furious; fierce; rave; rush; strength; wildness;

Gan: 玩 = make sport of; play; take pleasure in; trifle with;

When you put these two characters together, they very neatly read “Morgan”. And they also exactly capture his beautiful, wild, fierce, playful and caring spirit in a way that actually feels quite uncanny.

Very sadly, we weren’t able to share this with Phil before we lost him. But he would definitely have loved it.

So here’s a message to all Phil’s students who are missing him – and any other student looking for inspiration and a powerful role model for their practice and personal development. Just reflect on this reading of Shihan Morgan’s name. He was exactly like that at all times – as is our karate – and this is what you should also strive to be . . .